In some families

In some families When you is frequent and with love look in the face to the teenager, you not only facilitate your communication, but also satisfy his emotional requirements.

Looking in eyes, you, even without realizing it, can express the most different feelings: grief, anger, hatred, rage or love.

In some families visual contact of parents and teenagers is surprisingly rare.

And when it also takes place, most often bears negative emotions.

Usually it occurs when parents lecture the teenager or give some orders.

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By the defiantly

By the defiantly By the defiantly disgusting behavior it it is hidden begged: You love me?

Whether you love me now, when Brown at home and I any more not senior?

What your love to me in comparison with your love to Brown?

Whether it will take away love to me from you?

Children such minutes, tragic for them, suffer from what mental anguish.

If I punished him then what would be, according to David, the answer to his silent question: You do not love me?

Having seized free minute, I retired with David, put him on knees, looked to him in eyes with tenderness, embraced, shook on hands, then we chatted about any trifles, then we a little bit played: tuzil the friend to the friend, pottered, i.

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Some parents

Some parents They were convinced that good reasons can be found for any pernicious act: and for the illegal use of drugs, both for alcoholism, and for premarital sex.

The basis of these representations is made by two factors: passive and aggressive anger and lack of parental education.

Some parents assume that their children automatically will begin to think clearly and accurately, simply because they receive a lot of information at school.

But to fill the head the facts yet does not mean to become wise.

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This anger

This anger At the moment allow to notice that if the child does not feel as darling, it constrains development it as persons.

As a result he continues to test anger in relation to the parents.

This anger disturbs development of the child, and in the future will be reflected in his behavior when he becomes an adult.

Perhaps, the following example will help you to feel a difference between verbal and behavioural orientations.

When my younger son, Dale, was five years old, I had to leave for time the city.

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It is important

It is important Defining the content of individual logopedic occupation, selecting speech and practical material, to a trace et to aspire to that occupation was not only interesting, but also the most productive, with high speech activity of the child.

It is important to include in occupations of a series of training exercises, accustoming children to use freely in spontaneous statements new sounds.

If the structure of occupation at a stage of automation is defined by consecutive complication of speech material, at individual occupation approaches to statement of a sound are carried out during occupation repeatedly not less than times.

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